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We Enable Your Savings to GROW

Short-Term Plan

Monthly SIPs to meet your short-term financial requirements i.e. less than one year

Medium-Term Plan

Monthly SIPs to meet your medium-term financial requirements i.e.

1-3 years

Long-Term Plan

Monthly SIPs to meet your long-term financial requirements i.e.

more than five years

We Select Only The Best

We have customized investment options to meet your investment objective (short-term, medium-term, or long-term). Along the way, we guide you so that you take the necessary action as and when required. 


Mutual Funds

Best SIP Mutual Funds, Bonds and NPS

Best SIP Mutual Funds - Consider the best-performing sip mutual funds to invest in 2023 with 

Equity Mutual Funds

Track Record

We look at consistent and long historical performance for our analysis


We look at the underlying equity position held by the fund. This helps us understand the quality of holding.

Debt Mutual Funds

Credit Quality

We check the credit quality of the underlying instruments present in the fund. Higher the better.

Fund Size

We look at the size of the fund with respect to other funds in the category. Larger funds are preferred.


Credit Quality

We check the credit quality of the company and prefer AAA-rated bonds only. 

Government Security

We also prefer to allocate in RBI bonds and Government Securities.  


Government Backed

National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a government-sponsored pension scheme.

Tax Benefit

Get income tax benefits up to Rs 50,000 every year over and above 80C benefit

  • How does earn money?
    No fees, no hidden charges. We earn a small fee from the investment product.
  • How soon can I start investing?
    We'll have you up and running in just a few hours. As soon as you complete your registration, and we verify the details. You can start investing via Internet Banking/UPI ID/Auto Debit payment methods.
  • Why should I invest through
    Unbiased recommendations, a single view of your investments, automated performance tracking, timely alerts for course corrections, easy investment process, tax efficient withdrawals.
  • Can I invest in funds or bonds other than the ones recommends?
    Yes, you can. But then again, would you really want to do that when our recommendations are backed by a time-tested process and an unbiased research that has beaten benchmarks.
  • How do you ensure that my money is secure?
    Your money moves directly from your bank to the mutual fund account or your demat, and a record of your investments is stored electronically by us.
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